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Denmark Digital Nomad Visa

Denmark Digital Nomad Visa

While there is no formal Denmark digital nomad visa, foreign nationals who wish to come to the country can apply for a long-term or short-term visa.

Not all foreign nationals are required to meet visa requirements when entering Denmark for short-term purposes. Therefore, some may be able to skip the requirement for obtaining the equivalent of the Denmark digital nomad visa if they plan on remaining in the country for less than 90 days.

Digital nomads who wish to stay in Denmark for longer periods, such as for working remotely for more than three months, will need to apply for a residence permit.

The decision to move to Denmark as a digital nomad can be an inspired one for your business and networking opportunities. However, you will need to be aware of much more than the right residence permit for your purpose. Our team can help you with information about housing and signing rental agreements, the need to exchange your driver’s license (for some foreign nationals), and more.

In this article, our team of Denmark immigration lawyers offers you details about what can be considered the equivalent of the Denmark digital nomad visa.

Digital nomads in Denmark will apply for a temporary Danish residence permit, allowing them to remain in the country for more than 90 days. Those who find that the Danish culture, lifestyle and other benefits suit their needs and are interested in a longer stay in the country can discuss their options with our team, according to the specifics of their freelance activities and their regular income.

If you wish to remain in the country for other purposes, such as for business, we can help you apply for the right type of visa or residence permit.

Why is Denmark a good country for digital nomads?

There may be no formal Denmark digital nomad visa, however, foreign nationals can still apply for a short-term visa which, in most cases, will suit their needs for remote work.

The short-term visa allows the holder to remain in Denmark or the entire Schengen region for up to 90 days.

It should be noted that not all foreign nationals need a short-term visa. For example, EU residents ne able to remain for this period without the need to apply for a visa.

When you want to use a short-term visa as a Denmark digital nomad visa, you will have the following benefits:

  • A welcoming environment: the country is open towards foreign nationals; moreover, digital nomads will enjoy a high number of co-working spaces and high-speed internet;
  • English-speaking communities: English is widely spoken in Denmark, making it easy for digital nomads to integrate;
  • High quality of life: Denmark constantly ranks high in international surveys; according to the OECD Better Life Index, the country ranks 3rd among all analyzed countries, with a score of 8.8 in life satisfaction;
  • Good opportunities: digital nomads have the chance to explore the country’s fascinating culture and history; for those who prefer their summers mild, Copenhagen can be a suitable choice.

How can you apply for a visa for Denmark?

If you wish to use a short-term visa as an equivalent of a Denmark digital nomad visa you will need to comply with the following:

  1. have a valid passport for at least three months past the visa expiry date;
  2. provide proof of adequate means of paying for the stay and return trip;
  3. have a travel insurance policy that covers all Schengen countries;
  4. not be subject to an entry ban or listed on a UN or EU sanction list.

In addition to these specific requirements, the applicant should know that:

  • the short term visa does not allow the holder to work in Denmark unless explicitly granted the right by the Immigration Service; only certain work-related activities are permitted;
  • the visa is valid for maximum of 90 days in any given 180-day period;
  • the visa fee for the short-term visa is EUR 80;
  • if you remain in the country past the expiry date of the visa, a 3 or 5 years penalty is possible.

A short-term visa is not suitable for those who wish to reside in Denmark. Examples of long-term residence permits include work, study, business investment, or family reunification purposes.

If you wish to remain in Denmark for a short-term period of maximum 90 days to work as a digital nomad, our team of Denmark immigration experts can help you.

If you want to move from the UK to Denmark, or from another country, you can reach out to our immigration experts.

Contact our immigration lawyers in Denmark for more information about how we can assist you.