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Family Reunification Visa in Denmark

Family Reunification Visa in Denmark

The Denmark family reunification visa is available to spouses, and family members who have their partner or another family member living in Denmark lawfully. If the family member with whom the reunification is applied for has a residence permit or is a refugee, the person applying for reunification can be granted a residence permit, however, he or she will need to satisfy a number of other conditions.

You can read below more about the commonly asked questions about family reunification, the family categories that are accepted, as well as the visa that is suitable only for accompanying family members, for example, those who are studying in Denmark, as opposed to those who are already residents.

Reuniting with your family in Denmark is an important and exciting step. Once you all move to Denmark, our team can give you details about the education system and how to enroll your children in school or kindergarten, as well as information about social insurance, access to health services, and your health card. We offer personalized assistance based on the country from which you are moving.

The options for family reunification in Denmark are based on the fact that one’s family members will wish to join him or her for periods longer than 90 days. This is why a Denmark residence permit is issued for family reunification. If you would like to receive personalized assistance from our team, you can reach out to us with an inquiry that will help us determine your situation and that of your family members.

Determining your particular family situation is important. Our team knows that your situation is unique and will provide you with additional, personalized answers if needed. You can reach out to us if you have additional questions.

Who can apply for the family reunification visa Denmark?

The following categories are accepted:

  • Spouse or partner: the spouse or the partner can qualify for a residence permit if the marriage is legally valid or if the couple is legally cohabiting;
  • Child: the child under 15 years of age who has a parent living in Denmark can qualify for this permit; special situations apply for those between 15 and 18 years of age;
  • Adopted child: the family reunification visa for Denmark is also applicable in case of an adopted or a foster child; this is only available to children under 18 years of age and the individual one applies to live with in Denmark cannot be the custody parent; other rules apply;
  • Other family member: in some cases, the family reunification permit is granted for other family members who is not the spouse/partner or parent.

A child born in Denmark by foreign parents will also apply for a residence permit. In this case, the requirements will be more relaxed, compared to those children born abroad. Special requirements apply to the child and the parent living in Denmark.

The parent or a sibling of an unaccompanied minor in Denmark (a minor child who has a Danish residence permit) can also apply for the Denmark family reunification visa.

If you wish to know more about these particular categories, please feel free to reach out to our immigration experts. Please keep in mind that our team can help you in particular cases, for example, if you are applying for any of the categories above as the family member, spouse, or partner of a person who has refugee status in Denmark.

What are the costs for the family reunification visa?

The Denmark family reunification visa has costs varying according to its type. We summarize them below:

  • 9,460 DKK: the cost for the family reunification permit as a spouse, child or another family member;
  • 7 months: the expected maximum processing time for the family reunification permit;
  • 1,680 DKK for the accompanying family member (for those who will study in Denmark) and the normal processing time is 2 months in this case.

Please keep in mind that the costs were valid at the time this article was written and may be subject to change. We recommend discussing these, as well as other details, with one of our immigration lawyers to make sure that you receive the updated information.

What are the conditions for an accompanying family member?

The Danish visa for an accompanying family member is different from the family reunification visa in Denmark in that it is suited to those who wish to merely join an individual during a limited stay in the country. For example, it is suitable for a spouse, partner, or another family member who wishes to accompany a foreign national who has been accepted to the Aarhus University, for example.

Can your lawyers help me?

Yes, our team provides complete assistance to foreign nationals interested in applying for the family reunification visa in Denmark. If you want to apply for a residence permit based on your relationship or family ties with another foreign national who has a residence permit or is a refugee, you will need to submit documents that will prove the relationship as well as follow a number of other steps.

Our immigration specialists can assist you as early as the application procedure begins, as well as after you arrive in the country and need to make the other mandatory registrations with the Danish authorities. This is especially helpful if you are encountering language barriers and the person you are reuniting with in the country does not have the time to assist you in front of the Danish authorities.

You can contact us as soon as you have decided to apply for a Denmark family reunification visa. Our team can help you throughout the process and help make your transition as easy as possible.