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Expat Services in Denmark

Expat Services in Denmark

Moving to a new country can be both thrilling and challenging at the same time. A foreign national interested in moving to Denmark should start the process only once he or she is well aware of the conditions for entering the country for long periods of time, that will apply differently according to nationality. This is why our team has tailored a set of expat services in Denmark that meet the needs of foreign nationals irrespective of their country of origin.

Denmark is a Nordic country that can present various interesting opportunities for employment and for doing business. The favorable and welcoming business climate, paired with the easiness of doing business, is appealing to many international investors. Some foreign nationals even decide to apply for Danish citizenship after the minimum number of years. However, before moving forward, it is always recommended to have a team of local experts by your side.

A significant part of our expat services focus precisely on the stage during which the foreign national will apply for the Denmark residence permit. However, each case is unique and complex, this is why our team tailors the solution it provides according to nationality, type of residence permit, and whether or not the applicant will be relocating to Denmark with one or more family members.

We describe our top expat services in Denmark in this article and answer some of the questions that may be of interest to expats.

What should you know when moving to Denmark?

Denmark is one of the countries with the highest quality of life in the world and has even been ranked in first place in numerous instances, for example in 2017 in the Social Progress Index Study. In this particular instance, the country scored well in the following categories:

  • 99.87%: for water and sanitation (access to piped water, improved sanitation facilities and rural access to improved water sources);
  • 99.28%: for nutrition and basic medic care (child and maternal mortality rate, deaths from infectious diseases, depth of food deficit, etc.);
  • 98.49%: for access to basic knowledge (adult literacy rate, enrollment in primary and secondary school, gender parity in secondary enrollment);
  • 97.89%: in personal rights (political rights and the freedom of expression and assembly as well as private property rights).

These statistics reflect the quality of life in the country,  a top reason why foreigners choose to apply for Danish citizenship.

The Denmark immigration process is not a highly complicated one, however, it does rely on a number of key steps, both before arrival as well as after the foreign national has entered the country and is ready to settle in.

Moving to Denmark is an important decision and expats will find it easier when they have access to reliable counsel from a local team of experts. We can answer questions about all matters, not only those concerning work and residence permits. You can reach out to us if you have questions about the Danish health and education systems, health insurance, social insurance, taxation or housing.

How can our team assist you once you are in the country?

Arriving in the country and securing the right type of work and/or residence permit is only the first step for relocating here. There are a number of other issues to take into consideration and our team offers specialized expat services in Demark that also include assistance for theses steps:

  • CPR registration: obtaining the civil registration (CPR) number is mandatory, just as requesting the registration certificate;
  • Opening a bank account: this is a simple process and the applicant needs to provide the employment contract, ID and proof of address in the country;
  • Obtaining the NemID: this is obtained based on the CPR number and it is used for the public self-service as well as online banking;
  • Insurance: the liability insurance for motor vehicle owners, the insurance against fire for real estate owners and the dog insurance for pet owners are all mandatory in Denmark;
  • Tax matters: our lawyers can provide complete details about the personal taxation system in the country and the requirements for individuals to apply for a tax card (used by the employer for the tax deduction from your salary);
  • Housing: we can help foreign nationals with information about the general rental contract template and what you should be aware of before signing this document; we can also provide useful information about housing benefits and accommodation for students;
  • Driving licenses: we can provide details on the need to exchange your current driver’s license with a Danish one.

Our immigration lawyer in Denmark can help answer any questions you may have about coming to the country. No two relocation stories are the same, this is why our team is dedicated to providing tailored expat services in Denmark. We offer complete assistance, from your first steps for relocation (such as choosing the right type of residence permit) and up until you are fully settled in the country.

How can we help you before arrival?

Our team can assist you with expat services in Denmark depending on your country of origin and the type of job you have secured in the country (or intend to obtain). Investors who wish to apply for the business visa in Denmark can also rely on our help.

Our assistance for investors and entrepreneurs in the country will also include services for foreign nationals who wish to open a company in Denmark and need to register it with the Central Business Register.

The following rules for residence apply to those who migrate to Denmark:

  • Nordic citizens (Finland, Norway, Sweden or Iceland) do not need to apply for a registration certificate; they can reside without permission;
  • EU and EEA citizens can stay in the country for up to 3 months without a registration certificate; they will need to apply for an EU residence document before the end of this period;
  • Other foreign nationals will need to apply for a residence and work permit for Denmark.

For individuals looking for employment, the future employee is the one who will provide part of the details regarding the mandatory applications. In some cases, the employer is the one who makes the necessary submissions. It is important to note that foreign nationals from outside the EU/EEA, Switzerland or Scandinavia will need to apply for the work and residence permit with the Danish Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin.

Our immigration lawyer in Denmark can provide you with complete information about the residence permits, according to the move of your stay (employment, study, family reunification or others). You can find out more information about the types of visas in this article.

For more information about Denmark immigration, please contact our team.