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Immigrate to Denmark from Russia

Immigrate to Denmark from Russia

Russian nationals are required to have a visa in order to enter Denmark for short-term purposes such as tourism or short business trips.

In order to immigrate to Denmark from Russia one will need to hold a residence permit that will allow a lengthier stay, for the duration of the purpose (such as the duration of the employment or the studies).

Once a Russian national has lawfully lived in Denmark for a number of years, applications for citizenship by naturalization are possible.

Our Denmark immigration lawyer can give you complete details if you are ready to relocate to Denmark and need information about how to apply for a certain type of residence permit.

Immigration routes

Those who move to Denmark from Russia have the following options:

  1. Work: for those who have been offered a job in Denmark, for researchers who have a job offer in the country, or for those with special individual qualifications; a work permit for farm managers is also available for those who have been offered this job;
  2. Business: for those who wish to open a business in the country and have an innovative business idea; special conditions apply for the type of business and it must be approved by the Danish Business Authority;
  3. Study: for those who wish to study in Denmark and have been accepted by a Danish educational institution; residence permits for Ph.D. studies are also available;
  4. Family: for Russian nationals who wish to live with their spouse, parent, or another family member who is already a Danish resident.

All Russian citizens will be expected to have applied for and obtained a Danish residence permit, in order to lawfully remain in the country for longer periods. If you are a Russian national, our team can answer specific details about your situation, as well as guide you through the needed steps once you have entered the country. We assist those interested in applying for work or business residence permits, as well as others.

Once you move to Denmark you will also need to handle other matters, among which we can mention exchanging your driver’s license in order to be able to drive in Denmark, how you can gain access to the digital services solutions for residents, the NemKonto account (for public sector payments), and other matters. You can reach out to us for more information about our services.

Our Denmark immigration specialists can give you more details.

Costs and application documents for those who immigrate to Denmark from Russia

While there are general requirements applicable for any type of visa, the list of documents differs according to the reason for the relocation.

Our team lists the most common below:

  • For the work permit: the employment contract or job offer which stipulates the remuneration and the terms of employment in Denmark; cannot be older than 30 days;
  • For the Start-up Denmark permit: the approval form the Danish Business Authority; proof of financial means; proof of company ownership, if applicable;
  • For the higher education study permit: proof of being enrolled in an educational institution in the home country for those who participate in an exchange program; proof of financial means;

Each application is subject to a fee and a certain processing time. The following applies:

  • Start-up Denmark: a processing fee of DKK 1,890 and a normal processing time of 1 month;
  • Study visa for higher education: DKK 1,890 processing fee and usual processing time of 2 months;
  • Family reunification visa: the maximum processing time is estimated at 7 months and the processing fee is DKK 10,330 – this applies to the spouse or partner of a Danish citizen or resident other than for asylum;
  • Work under the Fast-track scheme (employment in a certified company): the processing time is 1 month and the processing fee is DKK 4,450; the accelerated procedure for starting a job will usually take between 1 and 10 days.

Those who wish to relocate to Denmark from Russia should keep in mind that the costs listed above can be subject to change.

When the reason for the relocation changes, the holder will be required to adjust his or her stay in Denmark. This can take place when the initial permit was for study purposes and then the holder wishes to find employment and obtain a residence and work permit.

Our team can help you apply for any type of permit, according to the purpose of your stay.

Contact us if you want to immigrate to Denmark. We provide ongoing assistance, as soon as the application phase, and well after arrival in the country, during all of the needed registrations and procedures.