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Immigration Lawyer Denmark

Immigration Lawyer Denmark

Are you interested in moving to Denmark? You should know that there are different rules for residing and seeking employment in Denmark based on your nationality. This is why working with an immigration lawyer in Denmark is recommended for all foreign nationals, including those from the Nordic countries (that are subject to a very light regime) or from other EU member states (subject to visa-free travel).

One of the most important advantages of working with an attorney who specializes in the Danish Immigration Law, and the policies set forth by the Danish Immigration Service, is that you can be sure that your application will meet all of the requirements and that it will go through. Still unsure of whether or not you should seek legal advice? We answer some of the most important questions about how an immigration lawyer in Denmark can help you below.

What are the main conditions for residing in Denmark?

The conditions for residence differ according to nationality. Thus, Nordic citizens (citizens of Finland, Iceland, Sweden, or Norway) can freely travel and settle in the country with no need for a Denmark residence permit (they do not need to apply for a registration certificate). They are free to reside, study, and work in the country.

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens are able to arrive without a visa and stay in the country for three months without a registration certificate. Those who are looking for a job can stay for up to six months without this document. In cases, citizens from this category are expected to apply for a residence document with the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration once the three or the six-month period is over. Our immigration lawyer in Denmark can provide additional information on this specific requirement.

All other foreign nationals who wish to migrate to Denmark are expected to apply for a residence and work permit with the Danish Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin and comply with the post-arrival procedures. The conditions for obtaining Danish citizenship can be detailed by our lawyers, for those who are ultimately interested in applying for the naturalization process.

When should I contact an immigration lawyer in Denmark?

You can reach out to our Denmark immigration specialists as soon as you are ready to lodge your application for the residence permit in Denmark. We can help you gather the needed documents and provide information on the payment of the applicable fee.

Our team can give you details about the most important steps and matters that require your attention when moving to Denmark. From the general entry and residency conditions, to housing, social security, or health insurance, our team can guide you through the Danish particulars. We also offer assistance to parents who wish to enroll their children in school.

Our immigration lawyer in Denmark offers complete assistance to non-EU/EEA and Swiss citizens who are interested in coming to work, to study or to invest in the country as well as those who wish to reunite with a family member who is already lawfully residing in the country. Our team will ask you for more details about your particular situation and the motive for the prolonged stay and will start by detailing the process for the short-stay visa or the other types of long-term residence permits. We are also able to provide assistance to investors who wish to apply for a Denmark investment visa. You can contact us as soon as you  wish to begin the business incoropration process.

Our team also specializes in the Danish asylum regulations and our immigration lawyer in Denmark can provide assistance if you are a refugee willing to apply for asylum here.

What are the main services offered by an immigration lawyer in Denmark?

Our team provides complete assistance during the pre-arrival phase, for work and residence permit in Denmark applications and we also offer post-arrival services that include the following:

  • Housing: legal assistance for renting or purchasing a home in a Danish municipality of your choice;
  • Civil registration: applying for the civil registration number is mandatory and so is requesting a residence certificate; our lawyers can help you.
  • Job finding: are you in Denmark during the six-month period for finding a job? Our immigration lawyer in Denmark can help you with information about the employment law and with obtaining the equivalent of certain qualifications, especially for doctors;
  • Insurance: we can provide complete information about mandatory insurance, such as private insurance for liability in case of motor vehicle ownership;
  • Others: our immigration lawyers can assist you with several other practical matters, such as taxation related ones.

Our immigration lawyers offer complete assistance to individuals who have started or plan on starting the application process for a Denmark residence permit. Moreover, we also assist those who are already in the country and wish to renew their permit, have lost or destroyed it, or have other issues such as wanting to change the permit’s type so that they can continue to remain in the country on other grounds.

We can also provide assistance in matters such as student accommodation or accessing the available housing benefits. We also assist those who wish to apply for Danish citizenship.

Please feel free to reach out to our Denmark immigration specialists for more details about the issues you must attend to.

Denmark immigration facts

According to Statistics Denmark, most of the immigrants are from non-western countries, as per the figures released in 2019:

  • there were 357,201 immigrants from non-western countries in the final quarter of 2019;
  • the number of western countries immigrants in the same period was of 262,968 individuals;
  • the highest number of asylum seekers in the final quarter of 2019 was from Africa, with 316 individuals.

If you would like to know more about how our immigration lawyer in Denmark can assist you, please contact us for more details.