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Move to Denmark from Canada

Move to Denmark from Canada

There are a few key steps to follow in order to immigrate to Denmark from Canada and it all starts with deciding on the motive for relocation.

The conditions for residence in Denmark differ according to nationality and a foreign national who wishes to move here will be included in the list of citizens who need to apply for a residence and work permit with a Danish Embassy or Consulate General. Denmark’s Embassy in Canada is located in Ottawa and a Consulate General is also located in Toronto, with eight other honorary consulates in other parts of the country.

Our immigration lawyer in Denmark lists the main types of residence permits that are available to Canadian nationals and highlights some of the most important steps that need to be addressed when moving to the country.

Becoming accustomed to the Nordic lifestyle is a journey with many rewards, as Denmark is often included in the World Happiness Report. When you move to Denmark from Canada you will need to get to know the Danish culture and its people as well as follow courses in order to improve your Danish language skills, especially if your goal is to obtain citizenship here.

Taking up residence in Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark and Canada can be seen as neighbors as the Kingdom also encompasses Greenland, which is separated by Canada by less than 30 kilometers in the Arctic.

You may want to relocate here for study or employment purposes or in order to reunite with a family member who has already moved to Copenhagen or another Danish city.

If you wish to move to Denmark from Canada will need to apply for a permit that allows you to remain in the country for more than 90 days. The following are offered as an example:

  1. Employment: for Canadians who have been offered a job by a Danish company, your qualifications are included in the positive list (for which there is a shortage of qualified professionals) or you are a researcher who has been offered employment at a public or private research institution;
  2. Special individual qualifications: you wish to immigrate to Denmark from Canada and you are an artist, an athlete or a specialized chef and have been offered a job in Denmark;
  3. Study: you want to study at a Danish university or will participate in a Ph.D. study programme with a Danish educational institution;
  4. Family reunification: you want to join your spouse or another family member who is already a Danish resident.

Please note that special conditions apply in all of these cases and the documents required upon application will depend on the specific type of residence permit in Denmark. In addition to this, our Denmark immigration agents remind you that application fees apply in all cases.

Coming to Denmark

Canadian citizens who wish to move to Denmark can rely on our assistance for understanding important matters on the Danish social security and health systems, the education system for the enrolment of their children with a school or kindergarten, and much more. We also offer guidance on housing or banking matters, as well as issues concerning civil registration in Denmark.

There are a number of issues to take into consideration for those who immigrate to Denmark from Canada. As described above, the first step is to comply with the basis for residence, obtaining the adequate residence permit in Denmark according to the motive of the stay and meeting the requirements for employment (or self-employment, as the case may be).

Other practical matters that need to be taken care of when you move to Denmark from Canada are the following:

  • Obtain the civil registration number: this is a mandatory requirement for foreign citizens who are moving to Denmark and it is issued by the Citizen Service Centre in Copenhagen; you can then obtain the NemID, used for self-services with the authorities and banking;
  • Open a bank account: this is mandatory for employment and it is also useful for all other foreign nationals who will reside in the country;
  • Danish driving license: if you spend more than 185 days a year in the country you may need to exchange your Canadian driver’s license with a Danish one;
  • Insurance: you will have occupational injury insurance once you become employed, however, you will also need to take up private insurance for your house, vehicle, and dog; our immigration lawyer in Denmark can give you more details.

Families in Denmark have access to childcare and public schools free of charge. You will need to check the schools and kindergartens in your municipality once you arrive. Other practical matters that will need attendance once you are in the country include signing up for Danish language courses as well as understanding the taxation principles.

Denmark immigration statistics

Statistics Denmark offers us a look into the number of people who choose to immigrate to Denmark as well as those who change to Danish citizenship. The following numbers highlight the trends in recent years:

  • in the first quarter of 2020 there were 258,158 immigrants living in Denmark from western countries;
  • in 2029 there were 70 people from North America, including Canada, that changed into Danish citizenship, a step that can be accomplished with the help of our immigration lawyer in Denmark;
  • in the first quarter of 2020 there were 3,091 applications for a work residence permit;
  • 99 applications were submitted in the first part of 2020 for family reunification purposes referring to foreigners but not refugees.

If you would like to know more about the conditions to immigrate to Denmark from Canada, please contact our immigration agents. Our team can help you with detailed information, according to your particular situation and our immigration lawyer in Denmark will help you submit your application for the right type of residence permit.

We assist foreign nationals who wish to apply for a Danish residence permit irrespective of their country of origin. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you can still reach out to our local team of immigration experts if you have questions about your options for residing in the country, when and where you should submit an application for a residence permit, and more.