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Obtain Work Permit for Denmark

Obtain Work Permit for Denmark

Foreign nationals interested in Denmark immigration who are looking to find a job must first understand the requirements for permits and the differences according to nationality. In principle, citizens of Nordic countries can freely work in Denmark. Those from EU/EEA and Switzerland may also find employment without the need for a special work permit for Denmark (only a residence document).

Citizens from outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are those who are subject to obtaining a work permit in all cases and arranging for their lawful residence in Denmark. Help with the relevant application process, such as the paperwork, can be obtained from our immigration lawyer in Denmark irrespective of the country of origin.

Work permit schemes in Denmark

Foreign nationals who wish to migrate to Denmark and, for doing so, have chosen to seek employment, will need to obtain a work permit for Denmark, and will apply for a suitable one that suits the purpose of the stay or the type of employment they have secured in the country. The following list of schemes, presented by our immigration lawyer in Denmark, is relevant:

  • Fast-track: this is an option for foreign nationals who have been offered a job by a company certified by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI);
  • Pay-limit: this is an option for future employees in Denmark who have been offered a high salary (a specific annual salary of 436,000 DKK or higher for 2020);
  • Researcher: this is the work permit for Denmark for foreign nationals who have been offered a position in Denmark; separate provisions apply for guest researchers and Ph.D. students;
  • Positive list: the work permit awarded to foreign nationals who qualify for a list of professions for which there is a shortage of employees at the time of the application;
  • Special qualification: a work permit for Denmark for foreign nationals who are musicians, artists, professional athletes or coaches, and specialized chefs;
  • Establishment card: for foreign nationals who have completed a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Denmark and are looking for employment.

Please keep in mind that our team of immigration lawyers in Denmark can provide you with more details about each of these types of permits that allow for lawful employment. Apart from the ones described above, we can also offer details on the permits for guest researchers, trainees, or farm managers (or herdsmen who are seeking or have found an employment opportunity in the agricultural sector). We can also advise those who are interested not in employment but in obtaining a Denmark investment visa.

Remaining in the country for work purposes is usually done for more than 90 days, meaning that the foreign employee will apply for a residence permit in Denmark for work purposes. This step can take place by submitting the application with the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration or the Danish Immigration Service. Our team can tell you more about your options.

Additional information on how to obtain a work permit for Denmark

A special category or work permit for Denmark applies in the case of doctors, nurses, and dentists. These professionals are allowed to apply for a residence permit in Denmark if they are interested in Denmark immigration and they can, later on, pass the professional tests that will allow them to practice their specialization. It is important to note that the authorization stay does not mean that the foreigner has the right to work yet. A separate work permit is to be obtained for “employment for adaptation and training purposes”. Doctors, nurses, or dentists who already have a valid residence permit (for example as an accompanying family member to someone who is already working or studying in the country) do not need to apply for a new permit in this case. An immigration lawyer in Denmark from our team can provide you with more details if you are interested in obtaining the Danish authorization to practice as a doctor, nurse, or dentist.

The following list contains additional information about the types of permits described above:

  • 3,215 DKK: the processing fee for many of the types of work permits for Denmark, including the fast-track and the pay limit schemes;
  • 1,900: the processing fee for foreign nationals applying for the establishment card as well as for the authorization as a doctor, nurse, etc.;
  • 1 month: this is the normal processing time for most of the permits described above; in practice, this time can vary according to individual situations.

Some of the important Danish authorities that are connected with immigration are the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration and the Danish Working Environment Authority, the one overseeing the safe and healthy work conditions in the country.

Obtaining a work permit for Denmark is only the first step for moving to the country. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, especially by those who are interested in making this move a permanent one. Our immigration lawyers in Denmark can offer you the needed assistance and advice.

If moving to Denmark for employment, business, or study purposes if your goal, our team can help you make the needed arrangements, both pre- and post-arrival. We can answer questions about the need to register with the authorities once you arrive, if you can use your driver’s license in Denmark, issues concerning housing and utilities or services agreements, as well as other matters.

Contact us for more information about the services we provide to immigrants.